Gretchen specializes in Fine Art Portraits of your beloved horse or dog as well as her unique originals of the Equine Form.



Gretchen has done numerous portraits of my horses over a lot of years and her attention to detail, uncanny ability to capture the spirit and personality of the partners involved is simply second to none in my experience. Beyond that, there has to be a fantastic degree of talent or training that allows her images to rival photography in detail and likeness. I highly recommend her on frequent occasions to many of my friends. In fact her work appears in my bestselling book, “Unbridled Passion”.
— Jeff P.
You are a star. You are so talented – you have a unique ability to capture our most precious creatures. Having a lasting image of the ones we love after we lose them is so comforting…please know you are doing a wonderful thing for people – and that you have an exceptional talent.
— Debbie B.